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Make Something Monday – USB Rendering

USB cable rendering

Well, last week I modeled the USB cable so today I thought I would texture and render the model. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the render and had to re-render on Tuesday. I think that texturing and lighting my models are two skills I really need to work on. The render I finally ended up with is okay, but it is not as good as I would have preferred. I textured and rendered the USB cable in Cinema 4D 12 because I have not really used modo’s texturing and rendering features. I hope to study modo’s features because it would be nice to stay in one program for simple scenes like this. I must admit that I am reasonably pleased with how this turned out after only 2 hours of work. No, it is not the best, but I am not a full time 3D artist. I am hoping to devote a lot of time this year to honing my skills and bringing them to the level I want them to be.

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