Photography Friday

Photography Friday – Blue Door

Blue Door

For this week’s image I decided to post a photo I took this past summer on the World Wide Photo Walk. I didn’t go any where fancy, but just stayed local to try to find interesting subjects. I tried to find different subjects other than the usual ones you would find in a small town. I shot the requisite barber pole and old theater building, but i really wanted to push myself to try to find something more out of the ordinary. I walked around the corner and found this old beat up door. For some reason it was painted blue and put on red brick. I really liked the contrast of the two elements in regards to both texture and color. I also wanted to get close enough to grab the detail, but I wanted to make sure I shot some of the brick as well.

The weathering of the door immediately caught my eye and I really wanted to emphasize this in the image. The colors were as weathered as the wood, so I decided to do some work to enhance them in Lightroom. While this is not a 100% representation of the door, I really enjoy this image because of the strong colors and textures.

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