Photography Photography Friday

Photography Friday

Grave Digger monster truck jumping

Happy Friday everyone! I really do enjoy Fridays. Usually Friday means work, then home, then looking forward to a relaxed weekend. However, that was not the case last Friday. I actually had last Friday off because of the weather here in Houston, and instead of looking forward to a relaxing weekend, I was thinking about a rare weekend that would be filled with activities. On Saturday we would be attending the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in Houston while Sunday would be spent shooting a local volleyball game and then watching the Super Bowl. Needless to say, it was a busy weekend.

One of the things I noticed about my shooting is that most of my shots happen during the summer months. I guess it is because I am off from school and work for two and a half months, but I wanted to make the time to shoot more during the school year as well. Now that my blog has been designed and is running smoothly I have decided to implement Photography Fridays. I am intending to shoot something during the week to post on Fridays, but if I can’t do that I will go through some of my older shots and discuss them, perhaps talking about what I did to capture the shot, or what type of post processing I used. For this first Photography Friday I have decided to post a few of the shots from last weekend’s Monster Jam. This was the first time I attended and I must say that I really had a great time. I went with some good friends, the wife, and Junior, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, except for the massive traffic jam getting out of the parking lot afterwards. I think this might be one of the yearly events we try to attend from here on out. So here are the images. I hope you all have a relaxing and stress free weekend.

Ice Monster monster truck

Madusa monster truck

Madusa monster truck jumping

Blue Thunder monster truck jumpin

Monster Mutt monster truck taking a large jump

Stone Crusher undercarriage

El Toro Loco jumping

Maximum Destruction monster truck

Grave Digger monster truck jumping

Grave Digger Jump 2

Monster Mutt rounding the corner

Grave Digger hard landing

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