A Rough Year and a Half

If you know me, then you know that the past year and a half has been a rough one. It all started in August 2017 when Hurricane Harvey rolled through the Great State of Texas. Below is a video of me leaving my neighborhood on August 28, 2017.

Over the next few days the water would rise in my house to between 3 and 4 feet. Here is a photo of what it looked like after about a foot and a half of water had receded.


What you don’t see is that the house next to mine on the right was my parents’ house that I grew up in. Next to that house was the house my sister bought only a year and a half previously. Yep, my family was all in a row. We all got flooded. We all lost a lot of things. Fortunately, we made out a little better than my parents and my sister because we had a two-story home. Nevertheless, we lost a lot. To give you an idea, this photo is just part of the trash pile in the yard.


The next few months were rough on us. Right after we returned home, my dad got an infection from some of the flood water left in my parents’ house. He went into the hospital in September and spent over 7 weeks in the ICU. Right before Thanksgiving 2017 he was transferred into rehab and was able to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. On Nov. 27 he went back into the hospital and passed away on Dec. 1.

You could say that the second half of 2017 was rough. Was 2018 any better? You’ll have to wait and see.

Beam Streaming

So, last post I mentioned that I will be streaming over at YouTube Gaming. Since that time, I have found another option and that will be my streaming home. I am now a Beam streamer. I am currently working on my channel over at http://beam.pro/AndyUno1, but will really try to start streaming on a more consistent basis starting around the first of the year. I hope you will come join me as I begin this adventure. I will also be trying to update the site more regularly. I know I have said it before, but I'm trying to make a consistent effort. The main theme for this new site is going to revolve around gaming and "nerdy" things such as comics and sci-fi. I will be moving most of the old posts off the front page and will try to come up with a more cohesive look.

Stay tuned.

YouTube Gaming

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted anything recently, but I am sort of changing strategies. While I do like blogging, I think that I am going to transition most of my efforts to YouTube. You have probably seen several of my videos on there already, but now that my son is a little older I figured we would start streaming games to YouTube Gaming. We just finished our first stream this evening and got some kinks worked out, but overall I would label it as a success. I'll still be adding things here from time to time, so feel free to add comments or let me know what kinds of things you would like to see. I've got some other projects that I'm starting on, and that will be a Make Something Monday post for tomorrow.

MSM - 10/3/16

Make Something Monday is Back! Well, I know I said that i would be back in a few days, but didn't quite make it. I hope you will forgive me. For this post I decided to go back to something I did a few times before, but would like to start again. Many people now do a daily render to hone their skills and inspire themselves. Unfortunately, I do not currently have the time to do a daily render, so I came up with Make Something Monday a few years ago that I will try to stay consistent with. Now that is not to say that everything I post will be made in one day or necessarily on a Monday, but I will try to post something on Monday to show what I have been working on or am currently working on now.

For this first revisited post I am going to showcase I product shot I completed not too long ago for my graphic design firm, Linear Liquid.

Linear Liquid Product Shot


This image was modeled in Cinema 4D and rendered using Octane Render. It's a relatively simple model that was created using splines and a Lathe Object. I then textured the label in Photoshop. The lighting was created using Greyscale Gorilla's HDRI Studio pack. I believe I took the rendered image into After Effects for some final adjustment.

What was tricky for me here was getting the liquid and plastic materials looking like they should. This was only my second project to use Octane Render, so I still wasn't extremely familiar with the different material and render settings. For the liquid I used an Octane specular material with an index of 1.33, white reflection, and a colored transmission. The plastic was a specular texture as well with a black reflection and index of 1.575. These two textures gave me the result I was looking for with a nice "sports drink" feel to the liquid.


Andy Brown Cinema 4D


I'm not sure what the render time of this shot was. I rendered it out at 4K to use as a background image on my computer. I might do another render so I can post the time. When I originally started this project I had a GeForce GTX 760 card, but now I have a GTX 980 TI and a GeForce 1070 so my renders are quite a bit faster now. I also plan on doing a render video in Lightwave comparing it's native renderer with Octane soon, so keep an eye out for that.

This was a pretty short post, but I am planning on coming back full force in the next days and weeks.