I’ve Changed

Well I haven’t changed, but my website has. My old site was basically just a blog. I decided that it was time to once again develop a comprehensive site for myself. Of course, this new site has to have a catchy domain name, so I went with andybrown.me. What better domain is there? Well, andybrown.com was taken. This was the next best thing and will be the next big thing.

I hope to develop this into a personal/professional site. I will continue to host my blog here and will continue to comment on things that interest me. I also hope to have a more professional side to this website as well. If you have read the About Me page you will recall that I am pursuing my Master of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects. I will be posting my demo reel and interesting things I am working on from time to time. Since I am also an educator, I will be making a series of tutorials covering various applications such as Motion, Final Cut Pro, and various others.

Hopefully this will turn into something big for me. I really do enjoy doing it, but find it hard to find the time.

That’s all for this post. Stay tuned for more happenings.